I’m TRAXEE, your new fleet management assistant designed to make your life easier. I’m here to help you automate and digitize your fleet processes to simplify and improve the operating performance of your business.

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I’m TRAXEE, your new fleet management assistant designed to make your life easier. I’m here to help you automate and digitize your fleet processes to simplify and improve the operating performance of your business.

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An innovative, cost-efficient fleet management solution, I offer many great functions that are essential for operating your small to medium-sized fleet on the road and in the office.

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From €20 per vehicle per month, you will gain an affordable gateway to enhance customer service and improve your fleet’s operating performance.

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Looking at the costs and benefits, it wouldn’t have been profitable for us, as a small fleet, to invest in a costly fleet management solution with an overload of functionalities. In that sense, TRAXEE is really something different. We finally found a proper telematics solution with just the right set of features at the right price.

Koen van LitsenburghIVVO

Our operating costs for running office administration were soaring! Manually copying driver activity sheets in Excel every week takes a lot of time and money! Since we started using TRAXEE, drivers specify their standstill activities directly in the app. Now, it takes us just a few clicks to forward our digital trip reports to our social secretary. That alone saves us hours a week! On top of that, it is great to know the location of the vehicles at any time. This is a big help for insurance purposes in case a vehicle is stolen. Then, we immediately know its location.

Shay MurphyKingswood Commercials Ltd

We have been looking for a solution to manage our fleet for a long time. However, the systems available on the market are quite expensive and contain too many different functions we simply don’t need. TRAXEE stood out from the crowd as an affordable solution that provides the right set of data which are essential for running a fleet of heavy commercial vehicles. As a mid-sized transport company, she’s exactly what we needed to remain competitive in today’s challenging market.

Bogdan ReteganRoutier European Transport srl

The investment cost in TRAXEE is very low, considering the kind of features you get in return. Secondly, it works with all truck brands. That’s important to know if you’re looking to expand your fleet. I for one don’t want my telematics system to clip my wings and limit me to just one single brand!

Andreas MankeSpedition Bartkowiak


Is TRAXEE suitable for any vehicle type and brand?

Yes, TRAXEE has been specifically designed to be connected to the digital tachograph and the truck’s CAN bus system, which makes TRAXEE the perfect solution for your truck!

TRAXEE will also work well in any vehicle with a 12V or 24V battery. Just keep in mind that the functions it can offer you in the office, will depend on the availability of a digital tachograph and/or CAN bus system in the vehicle.

What do I need in order to use TRAXEE?

The TRAXEE application helps you run your fleet and business as easily and efficiently as possible and can be operated on desktop computers as well as a broad range of mobile devices. You simply need access to an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 2/3/4G) and we’ll do the rest. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

Can I install TRAXEE myself?

The choice is yours! TRAXEE’s on-board unit can be quickly installed in every truck and you, your technical crew or your local workshop will have access to detailed installation manuals and tools, designed to help you every step of the way.

We can also refer you to one of our many Certified Installation Partners. You can quickly locate and get in touch with a Certified Partner of your choice via this website.

Once TRAXEE is installed in the vehicle, simply set up your account online to activate your device and you’re ready to benefit from the many powerful functions that TRAXEE can offer your fleet.

What kind of support is available?

Our help desk is always happy to answer your questions. If you’re interested in investing in TRAXEE, we invite you to select a TRAXEE dealer via the location finder onthis website. Before and after your purchase, your dealer will always be on hand to help you with installation, setup, use, and much more.

Our extensive network of Certified Installation Partners is ready to provide swift and trouble-free hardware installation.

Once you become the proud owner of TRAXEE, you will find it’s equipped with simple tools to help you complete installation and setup, as well as guidance and support on how to use the application. Providing further support is our “Device health app”, “Inline help” program and our rich “Help” library, including guidelines, supporting articles and “how-to” videos. The online application is simple and intuitive, so you and your team will feel at home with the app in no time.

Our help desk team is also on hand throughout your subscription period to provide a broad range of commercial, operational and technical support.

What are the upgrade options?

TRAXEE is the ideal fleet management assistant for fleet owners who are just starting to use telematics, as well as advanced users with more experience in Fleet Management Solutions.

TRAXEE FMS is scalable and offers smaller fleet operators with several business-critical functions without incurring large capital investment or management overhead expenses. Should TRAXEE no longer be able to keep up with your growing telematics needs, Transics’ advanced FMS is also available.

Transics is the European leader in advanced Fleet Management Solutions for heavy trucks. We are confident that Transics’ extensive expertise and experience in Fleet Management will support your every telematics need (www.transics.com).

What are the subscription models?

When you buy TRAXEE, you’re not just investing in an affordable and rapid payback solution developed by WABCO, a global supplier of automotive solutions with industry-leading quality; you’re also gaining our full commitment to support you!

From the moment you register your TRAXEE device online for a period of 12 months, you will gain full access to and use of an up-to-date online application, whenever you need it and wherever you are. You can also rest assured that all data captured by your TRAXEE units will be safely and securely stored.

At the end of the 12-month subscription period, you can easily renew your subscription for one, several or all of your vehicles for a further year.

In which languages is TRAXEE available?

The TRAXEE application, which can be used by your office employees and drivers, is available in 11 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Turkish and Arabic. Later this year, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian and Danish languages will also be available.

Do I need extra hardware to install TRAXEE in my truck?

TRAXEE’s on-board unit includes all necessary cables to connect to any 12V or 24V battery, the truck’s digital tachograph and to the truck’s CAN bus system via the FMS standard connector. This gives you real-time insight into driving and resting periods as well as key performance data, including fuel consumption and ECO reporting.

Should an FMS standard connector not be available in your truck, TRAXEE can offer a direct, wired connection to the truck’s CAN bus which will not affect your truck’s warranty. Your local TRAXEE dealer can assist you in selecting the best solution for you and the correct cabling set for any truck brand and type.

Is TRAXEE in line with today’s legal tachograph obligations?

TRAXEE can help address tachograph legal compliance requirements across Europe and Turkey. TRAXEE automatically registers the correct driving and resting time periods and can generate preventive alarms to help avoid potential violations.

On top of this, TRAXEE remotely, automatically and timeously downloads and archives your driver cards and tachographs to support legal requirements. All captured data are safely archived on our servers and remain fully accessible to you and authorized parties, for the legally required 5-year period.

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